EXO Facts

Here 345 EXO facts.

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*Some of the facts are the old one.

EXO Facts

1. Kai likes to pat on people’s shoulders. (Chinese normally don’t like people doing that because it’s said that there are 3 flames on forehead & each side of shoulders, so it’s like putting off the flames) that’s why the Chinese members will sometimes pat him back & he will look strangely at them.

2. Baekhyun’s personality is similar to Tao’s. He looks tough outside but is actually sensitive. (Be careful when leaving comments, they might get hurt when they see hurtful comments.)

3. There was a period of time when the members thought Sehun & Kris looked alike.

4. The members don’t really like soft toys.

5. Trainee life is in groups, you have to make good relations with everyone.

6. About Kai, Lay & Tao’s waist hurt, it can come back anytime, moreover they practice hard.

7. M is close among each other, some K members are close to M members.

8. EXO have Tieba accounts.

9. Kai & Tao have the darkest skin in the group. When everyone gathers, whenever these 2 speak, everyone will pretend that they can hear but can’t see where they are (because they are too dark).

10. The Hunhan couple you ship is talked as jokes among the members because they are close.

11. Sehun likes to visit M’s dorm.

12. Kai and Luhan shared an apple before.

13. Chanyeol likes to knock people’s heads, but he never knocked Kris and Luhan’s before.

14. Kai once lost a bet, so he stripped and danced in the practice room, Luhan filmed it (MISSION TO HIJACK LULU’S IPHONE PL0X).

15. Luhan will purposely show Kai his derp photos and imitate his facial expressions. Kai will take Luhan’s photos and show it to people who don’t know Luhan and claim that it’s his sister.

16. Chanyeol, Luhan and Kai laughs the easiest. It is not obvious for Kai because he’s usually sleepy during the day. Sehun says that the 3 of them can go perform for the circus together.

17. When there’s no practice or schedules, M will go over to K’s dorm to play.

18. Chanyeol likes to dance battle with Kris, Chen will be the judge. When Kai sees them, he can only sigh and lie on the floor with Luhan while laughing at them.

19. Luhan likes to imitate Kai’s dancing, especially during the screamo and crotch grabbing part.

20. Kai is very satisfied in his chinese language skills. Luhan used to laugh at him, but D.O feels that Kai speaks chinese very well.

21. Chanyeol is very satisfied with his dancing skills, he used to teach Kris. Chen is a dancing machine and Xiumin strongly supports him.

22. Even though everyone says that those are eye bags, they still think that Tao has dark eye rings.

23. Chanyeol is the heaviest at 75kg, followed by Tao and Kris, and Luhan is the lightest at less than 60kg.

24. EXO and SHINee are REALLY close.

25. The original plan is for EXO-K to have 7 members and EXO-M to have 5 only.

26. Lay's blood type is A,Kris's blood type is O,Sehun's blood type is O,Kai's blood type is A,D.O's blood type is A,Baekhyun's blood type is O,Suho's blood type is AB and Chanyeol is blood type A.

27. When EXO-M almost had a car accident, Baekhyun and Sehun cried the most, and Kai joined them to cry.

28. Before debut, the members practiced MAMA for 3-4 months

29. All 12 members love eating junk food. You can develop muscles by just picking up the rubbish left behind.

30. After knowing about "Hunhan", Sehun and Luhan felt very shy

31. Baekhyun thinks he looks like Lu Han when he laughs.

32. The K members have all seen Lay’s pre-debut variety segment in a show where he sang "There are many little fish that swam here, swam here…"

33. Luhan taught Sehun how to play the Rubik’s cube, but Sehun doesn’t know how to fix it till now.

34. Suho would always brood on Kris’ height.

35. Chen likes hitting, and his victims would either be Tao or Chanyeol.

36. Chanyeol envies Sehun’s hair.

37. In private, Kai and Sehun doesn’t use honorifics with Tao.

38. Sehun patted Tao’s backside at SMTown’s press conference.

39. Se Hun seems to be conjoined with Luhan because wherever Luhan is, he would also be there with him.

40. Actually Luhan is not as obsessed towards bubble teas as much as Sehun is. In fact, Tao loves bubble teas more than him. Kris also likes Coke.

41. Kris is 187cm tall; shoe size 43. Chanyeol is 185cm tall; shoe size 46.

42. Chanyeol loves to play around. He blanks out easily but he is full of ideas, and when he is together with Luhan the both of them will brainstorm on what pranks to play.

42. Tao likes to play with Baekhyun.

43. Luhan and Sehun always visit the bubble tea shop near the company.

44. All the members like bubble tea.

45. Kris and Suho have more private lives than the other members.

46. Baekhyun forces Tao to call him "hyung"

47. The members know about "Hunhan" (During Tao and Luhan’s birthday party, they also called them Hunhan)

48. Lay knows how to dance Baekhyun’s "light dance

49. Sehun doesn’t use honorifics when talking to Luhan in private

50. Kris really likes Chanyeol’s personality

51. During trainee times, Sehun and Tao had many classes together, so they’re close

52. Chen and Baekhyun call themselves dancing machines in private

53. M & K likes to surf the net during break time, they’re very clear of what the fans are doing

54. According to Lay and Sehun: Kai and Luhan are the laziest members of EXO.

55. When Sehun can’t sleep, Chen reads crack fanfiction to him until he gives up on the world and finally passes out.

56. Chanyeol once caught Luhan watching Brokeback Mountain on his laptop. Ever since they have been very awkward around each other.

57. Backstage at SM Town, Chanyeol kicked Kris because Kris kept trying to take Chanyeol’s shirt off.

58. Luhan once saw Sehun naked and he was so horrified he didn’t stop crying for days.

59. There are 3 different Bubble Tea shop in Korea become very popular because of Luhan and Sehun

60. Kris and Chanyeol are the two boys that dislike the cleaning the most.

EXO K Facts

1. When you see Chanyeol, he will always shows his white teeth.

2. Sehun doesn’t like something in particular, he needs everyone’s respect.

3. If Chanyeol can’t sleep, he’ll sometimes disturb you so that you can’t sleep as well.

4. Kai’s waist hurt is serious and may need surgery.

5. Chanyeol always say he’s better, taller & more handsome than Kris, then everyone ignores him with a stare. Everyone is used to it.

6. Baekhyun is able to withstand things.

7. Kai sometimes loses his temper, but it’s his charm. He doesn’t quite use honorifics, although it’s a sign of closeness but some people who care may not like it.

8. Chanyeol is wise, he’s close with Baekhyun, because he knows Baekhyun is a good person.

9. Suho has sharp canine teeth, when he told everyone he wanted to be a handsome vampire, they said he looked more like a grandpa vampire.

10. Their dorm is very lively; they would max up the volume of their TV, thus disturbing their neighbors at night. But when the managers would come and bang on their door, everything will fall into silence.

11. Suho is actually strict, but the kids don’t take him seriously. D.O is the only one who listens to Suho. The ones leading the protests are usually the maknaes; Kai even retorts that he is already well-behaved.

12. Kai never cleaned up the dorm before, and he likes to generate rubbish. D.O dotes on him, so he always clean up on his behalf. Sehun used to think that it’s unfair and tried to protest, but protests are usually successful only when Kai is involved, so Sehun can only continue cleaning up obediently.

12. Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s room is always the last to turn off the lights. The both of them are very noisy in their room, Sehun will go bang on the door.

13. Kai will sleep like a dead log, he wouldn’t even know if you throw him off the balcony.

14. D.O used to wake up in the middle of the night to buy fever medicine for Kai.

15. K’s practice room is always the noisiest in the whole company.

16.Sehun likes to laugh at Kai for being timid. Whenever K watches horror films together, Kai will usually be asleep. But Sehun will wake him up on purpose. He also likes to scare him. In revenge, Kai will change the computer desktop’s wallpaper to a photo of Sehun rolling his eyes.

17. Kai’s sister often visits their dorm with good food, but most of them will be cleared by Chanyeol because Kai is always sleeping at that time. Suho’s family visits their dorm the least. Chanyeol’s sister will visit as well, the food she brings will mostly be eaten by Baekhyun and Kai.

18. Their wi-fi is always turned on, we have received their signal many times ("we" = sasaeng fans).

19. Kai and D.O’s bed is queen sized bed while the others sleep on a single bed each. It’ll be changed in the future though.

20. Chanyeol and Baekhyun had a ramen competition before. Only Kai chose Baekhyun to win.

21. Kai cannot sleep with air cond when he’s having a fever, so he will exchange rooms with Chanyeol. If his head hurts, Baekhyun will hug him.

22. Sehun and Kai will treat Suho very well when they are craving for chicken wings and pig trotters, but after the food is being bought back, everything changes…

23. Kai won’t be able to sleep if he doesn’t eat supper. Sometimes, he even wakes up at night because of the hunger, so D.O will get up to find food for him. Kai doesn’t eat veggies either, unless it’s made by D.O.

24. Sehun will step on Kai’s feet on purpose if he can’t win him in an argument. There was once he stepped on the shoes Kai’s sister bought for his birthday. The shoes were white (not confirmed) and became dirty. Kai pretended to be angry, so Sehun bought a new pair of shoes for him. In the end, D.O washed and cleaned the white shoes for Kai.

25. Sehun’s previous ambition was to be a poet. D.O and Baekhyun thinks that Kai can draw very well. Kai thinks so too, but Sehun always say that they’re just lying to him. Kai would retort saying that at least his drawings are better than Sehun’s poem.

26. Kai feels that his teeth are whiter than Chanyeol’s. Sehun always say that it’s because his skin is dark, that’s why his teeth seems to be whiter. Kai will retort saying that Sehun is jealous that his teeth isn’t as white as his.

27. Kai gets fever easily, so D.O’s bag is always full of medicine and energy providing food.

28. D.O has the best relationship with Kai. During the trainee period, Kai would even help him out during re-evaluation

29. Both Sehun and D.O love to bully Kai the most (because Kai doesn’t lose his temper easily).

30. Kaisoo sleeps on the same bed the most often.

31. When Kai is having a fever, he needs to lie on/against someone to fall asleep. Currently, the ones that hugged him to sleep before are Kyungsoo and Baekhyun.

32. Chanyeol often mocks Kai for liking the colour pink. Everytime Chanyeol calls Kai "feminine", Kai will stand up and do pirouettes infront of him.

33. Kai likes to touch Baekhyun’s butt, Baekhyun likes to touch Kai’s chest.

34. Chanyeol likes to tease Baekhyun for being short. Once Kai sees that, he will go over to Chanyeol and dance infront of him.

35. Chanyeol is a shopaholic, even if there isn’t a shoe size for him, he will buy a smaller size for Sehun or Baekhyun. He will feel accomplished when the others comment that the shoes are nice.

36. Sehun said that Kai is so dark because he likes to eat chocolate, that’s why he drinks a lot of milk.

37. D.O believes that one day, Suho will become a good leader like Leeteuk, even though Sehun and Kai think that it’s impossible.

38. D.O really feels that Kai is fair

39. Kai and D.O shared a lollipop before

40. Baekhyun used to mock at Kai’s clothes/fashion sense. He even taught him about skin whitening.

41. Sehun is too easy on falling his tears, and he can’t lie.

42. Kai predebut used to have many bad habits including smoking, but he stopped when Kyungsoo asked him to take better care of himself.

43. Kai hates feeling warm, so the air-cond in his (and D.O’s) room would always be put at a very low temperature

44. Suho does not know how to cook with the exception of instant ramen.

45. Sehun is scared of being in elevators alone.

46. Kai likes to sleep naked.

47. Baekhyun and D.O. like to team up to bully Chanyeol.

48. Whenever it’s dirty in the dorm, D.O usually cleans everything.

49. D.O smokes sometimes,but not addicted to it.

50. Suho strongly believes that it is still possible for men who are below 30 years old to continue growing taller.

51. Earlier when Taemin was having long hair, Kai always joked around and told others Tae was his girlfriend.

52. A habit Suho has is clearing his throat while saying "Ah! Ah!"

53. Kai's way to destressing is to listen to music.

54. Baekhyun likes making new friends and socialising.

55. D.O has a habit of humming songs.

56. D.O can cook spaghetti quite well and the members say it's delicious.

57. Sehun's favorite color is white and he would make his whole room white.

58. D.O thinks rollercoasters are the most thrilling game he ever played.

59. Lee Soo Man's favorite is Suho.

60. Baekhyun's favorite colors are white, black, and grey.

61. Sehun has a nickname of "a puppy" because of his fair white skin.

62. Suho is currently majoring in acting at Korea National University of Arts.

63. The other members say that Sehun is the member that's the worst in memorising dance moves and lyrics.

64. Kai likes to sleep a lot.

65. Suho and Baekhyun have the smallest feet in EXO-K.

66. Chanyeol would sometimes be found sleeping on the couch but he doesn't know how he got there. Often times, he would be shirtless.

67. As the leader, Suho keeps them under control by buying food.

68. All EXO-K members are the maknaes in their family.

69. Sehun is still surprised to see himself on TV.

70. Chanyeol's feet are the largest in EXO-K. His feet are 280mm which is a size 10 in the US.)

71. D.O said that when the members are tired, they'd leave their clothes everywhere.

72. When Baekhyun first entered SM Entertainment, Suho bought him bubble tea.

73. Whenever Sehun has free time, he would play games with the hyungs. (A/N: Games such as Chess, Yut Nori, and those that require thinking.)

74. Kai and Suho were trainees together for 5 years. Suho bought a lot of good food for Kai which is why Kai calls him, rich.

75. When Chanyeol hits a person he uses a lot of strength, D.O even cried once when he got smacked.

76. Sehun loves collecting baseball caps.

77. In private, Kai is not a person who becomes shy easily.

78. Chanyeol’s hair is very messy before it gets managed and styled.

79. The three chinese words that Baekhyun can say clearly are "beef ", "Baekhyun" and "handsome"

80. Kai wakes up very early and can’t fall asleep easily

81. Chanyeol is s genius in games.

82. Before the filming of a show starts, Suho will have a serious talk with the members.

83. Kai doesn’t like to walk together with Chanyeol because when Chanyeol walks, he would bump into the person beside him.

84. Baekhyun likes to wear D.O’s shoes in private

85. D.O is the only person who is willing to go shopping with Chanyeol without any terms and conditions.

86. Sehun is not in favor with calling D.O a hyung.

87. One time, in a clothing shop, Sehun suddenly pointed to D.O’s legs and then pointed to his own legs.

89. Baekhyun would always make these weird noises while sleeping, and whenever Chanyeol can’t wake him up by nudging, he would push him off the bed in one kick.

90. Sehun is slightly allergic to perfume.

91. When it comes to eating, Chanyeol is the most serious.

92. EXO-K’s mental age ranking: 1. D.O 2. Kai 3. Suho 4. Baekhyun 5. Sehun 6. Chanyeol.

93. Baekhyun would transfer to another member’s bed when he feels cold.

94. D.O is gullible and would fall for the same trick over and over again.

95. According to Chanyeol, his weight should have been around 96 kg like the other boys with the same shoe size (46) and height (185cm).

96. Sehun loves to par his bubble tea with fries.

97. Baekhyun is a genius at card games.

98. According to the members, Chanyeol is like a magnet, so anyone who is near him would get stuck to him.

99. Kai gets shy more easily than Sehun.

100. D.O is the dorm’s ahjumma.

101. Baekhyun has a weird habit of wearing socks to bed so that he can sleep soundly.

102. Chanyeol and Sehun produce the most rubbish in EXO-K.

103. D.O has a weird sense of humor.

104. D.O is still growing one milimeter at a time, he might overtake Baekhyun’s height at a given time.

105. On stage, Sehun seems nervous, he doesn’t talk as much as he does offstage. He is the youngest and still inexperienced so he can only watch the older members talk on the sideline. But at the same time he is listening and thinking on what to say during his turn.

106. In private, Sehun sometimes acts like the "on-stage" Chanyeol.

107. Chanyeol likes to fiddle with his phone.

108. Sehun flashes his underwear the most, out of all the members during performances.

109. Kai and Chanyeol have been labeled "pigs"; as they have the largest appetites.

110. Baekhyun likes to compare feet size with Chanyeol.

111. Suho is the type of guy who would wear singlets and shorts when going out

112. Sehun would use any shiny object as a mirror.

113. Kai often tells really lame jokes that only he will understands and laugh.

114. D.O. always lose at rock-paper-scissors.

115. Chanyeol likes looking at his reflection and taking selcas.

116. Suho always bring Sehun along with him when he goes out.

117. Chanyeol fancies canvass shoes.

118. Baekhyun calls his hyung every day.

119. Sehun likes pulling pranks on the other members.

120. Baekhyun and D.O. would often team up to bully Chanyeol.

121. Korean fans have once seen Suho and Sehun enter a men’s underwear store together.

122. Because of D.O, Sehun likes mint choco chips.

123. Other than bubble tea, Sehun likes eating sushi with cola and yoghurt.

124. Sehun likes eating ddeokbokki as long as it’s not spicy.

125. Sehun says he can cook.

126. Baekhyun doesn’t like animal abuse

127. As a trainee, Chanyeol was one of the latest to come to practice but one of the earliest to leave.

128. In one of their first few fansigns, a fan wore a really short miniskirt, and Chanyeol scolded her about it. The next fan signing, she dressed properly and Chanyeol praised her.

129. Suho looks so much better in real life. Fans say it’s incomparable to how he comes out on TV and in pictures.

130. Suho was really nice to fans of other groups who waited outside the SM building when he was a trainee. He’d strike up conversations if they seemed lonely/bored once in a while and remind them not to stay out too late. Lots of fans remembered him as a kind, smiling face.

131. Suho used to wear a hoodie that a fan gave him as a trainee a lot.

132. All EXO-K members really love ketchup. There’s a rumor that they’re crazy for hot dogs. (Korean-style hot dogs look more like corndogs.)

133. EXO-K members go on the Internet often and like searching up what fans say about them on Naver. Especially Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Suho.

134. At the EXO-K hi-touch event, a fan was being really shy and hesitant about giving Chanyeol a high-five. Chanyeol grabbed her wrist, lowered his head so he could meet her eyes, held eye contact, gave her a high-five, and warmly said, "Bye~"

135. Lots of people pronounced Chanyeol’s name sorta like "Chanyurl" instead of "Chan.Yeol." There was one SM trainee who pronounced his name spot-on as "Chan.Yeol." So when Chanyeol was still a trainee, his small group of fans who were supporting him from pre-debut pointed this girl out one day to him saying, "Oppa, this girl says your name weirdly." The trainee wasn’t that close to Chanyeol, so she got all shy and her mouth stayed shut. Chanyeol prodded her to say his name, so she mumbled, "Chan.Yeol.Oppa." And he started laughing ‘cause she sounded really stiff and awkward. The trainee got upset and felt pretty embarrassed and she ran inside the SM building. Chanyeol looked kind of apologetic afterwards.

136. As a trainee, there was this girl Sehun liked, but the girl’s boyfriend was a "fighter." The boyfriend found out that Sehun liked his girlfriend, so he messaged Sehun on Nate-On and cursed him out. Sehun got all scared and called Chanyeol over to the chatroom, and this boyfriend guy was all like "Who the fuck is this kid…" Apparently, the boyfriend had "Chan" in his name too, so Chanyeol said, "Let’s not be like this. We’re both Chan’s~" The boyfriend started cursing at Chanyeol, and Chanyeol got all scared too. So he apologized and left the chatroom. LOL Well, isn’t Chanyurr a reliable hyung~

137. Chanyeol acts like the boss infront of their manager, D.O acts like a follower.

138. SM’s dance instructors praised Kai for having the potential to become SM’s next generation of Dancing King

139. Baekhyun explains that the noises he make while sleeping at night (aka snoring) was because he couldn’t breathe properly.

140. Suho and Sehun sleeps the earliest compared to BaekYeol and KaiSoo.

141. Sehun is extremely satisfied over the fact that Chanyeol always has one or two pimples popping up on his face

142. Kai is afraid of the heat, Chanyeol is afraid of the cold, D.O is afraid of both

143. Suho is very athletic. 5 throws, none of them will enter the basket,lol..

144.Even Sehun dotes on Kyungsoo

145. Chanyeol often pulls Kyungsoo along for shopping (They were once spotted shopping at Dr. Martens)

146. K's members will joke about Suho and Kyungsoo being the "Appa" and "Umma"

147. Kai is very mischievious in private, he’ll "threaten" Suho to say that he’s very obedient on variety shows/interviews

148. Baekhyun and Kai gets scared easily

149. Korean fans saw Kai stuffing the lollipop from his mouth into Kyungsoo’s mouth.

150. Chanyeol and Baekhyun has to play until really late at night before going to sleep.

151. Baekhyun has a very good temper, but towards Chanyeol…….

152. When Sehun is bored, he will think of many ways to mock or laugh at Chanyeol.

153. Baekhyun often hits Chanyeol

154. EXO-K’s manager would pay their dorm a visit in the middle of the night to see if they are resting.

155. Sehun is the member that likes to laugh at Kai for being the darkest the most. Whenever D.O says that Kai is fair, Sehun will go over to them and walk around them (to show the difference?) D.O will then say that it’s the lighting’s problem.

156. If Kai in good mood,he will dancing in shower.

157. Chanyeol's nickname "happy virus" actually was invented by his ex- girlfriend.

158. D.O likes to grow cactus in their dorm and named each of that cactus with Exo members name.

159. Baekhyun admitted that once for a prank (predebut), he shaved one of Chanyeol's eyebrows off while Chanyeol was sleeping.

160. Once, Chanyeol said that he folded crane papers for his girlfriend. He went to the department store to buy the bottle to keep the crane paper, and folded the papers into crane with focus. He was going to fold 100 crane papers, but when he was up to his 70-80 crane papers, "I was folding but.... my girlfriend called me.... and broke up with me... I didn't want to stop folding so... I just ...finished folding and put it into the bottle. I placed it on the top of the piano." Suho then said that Chanyeol should have given it to his next girlfriend to which Chanyeol replied, "oh, I could haveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But it was hurtful every time I looked at the crane papers."

161. Chanyeol and Baekhyun at the dorm are "Child King". Suho even once use his fist to stop their childish fight but it doesn't work.

162. Suho said it's hard to take care of BaekYeol than the maknaes SeKai.

163. When D.O is nervous, his brain will 'delete' every words that he wanted to say and he will make (O_O) expression.

164. Ever since Kai was threatened with knives in London, he has mentioned that he does not wish to return to England.

165. Kyungsoo [D.O] likes to grow cacti in EXO-K’s apartment and has apparently named the cacti after each member of EXO.

166. All of EXO-K admit that they are afraid of SNSD’s Tiffany

167. When Baekhyun sees Chanyeol sleeping with his eyes open in the middle of the night when he’s going to the toilet, he would use his hands and close Chanyeol’s eyes.

168. Chanyeol finds Baekhyun’s fear of white people very funny, so he often dresses up as one and hides under Baekhyun’s bed.

169. Chanyeol and Baekhyun have bought gauze masks for each other so that they can shut each other up.

170. D.O is a f(x) fanboy.

171. Baekhyun said being short it good because a lot of girls will call you cute no matter what you wear.

172. Chanyeol will sing Korean folk songs (in high pitch) and Kai will throws a pillow to him.

173. Suho like to go into D.O's room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai everytime he do that.

174. In the dorm, Kai like to hides D.O clothes and makes D.O to like for it.

175. D.O said he was a very quiet boy in his high school days, its because he doesn't want anyone to find out that he is S.M. Entertainment trainee.

EXO M Facts

1. It’s obvious to know if Kris likes that friend. If he likes you he bullies you, if he doesn’t he will ignore you.

2. Tao goes online to collect fan taken HD pics to set as mobile wallpaper.

3. Lay is a good and mature person.

4.Kris said what type of apple is tasty, what type of apple is not tasty in his dreams.

5. Luhan is a mischievous person & is very keen on football.

6. Luhan catches cold easily, when he does, the amount of tissue he uses in the dorm is counted in dozens.

7. Tao & Xiumin are closer.

8. Xiumin is academically smart, although he’s humble.

9. Chen is a hardworking person, give him some time, you’ll discover his charms.

10. Kris is excellent in basketball, NBA must recruit him.

11. Kris isn’t satisfied after piercing his ears, that’s why he has many holes.

11. Who says Kris & Luhan are not in good terms?

12. Tao is sensitive.There was a period when he was hurt. He was happier during trainee period, although many people envied him.

13. Tao doesn’t rely on Kris, he wants to be good to everyone, if he thinks you dislike him, he’ll leave automatically.

14. M mainly converse in Korean with some Chinese phrases. They call all types of nicknames & change then frequently.

15. About M & K sending videos,some of them have MSN.They recorded the video & sent through email.

16. Xiumin’s voice cracked the next day because of screaming.

17. Tao says being romantic is to watch night view alone at night.

18. Tao said he looked like Edison Chen before.

19. Luhan & Lay: everyone be careful of airport safety.

20. Lay said, the toothpaste is put on a fixed position, one morning Kris wasn’t fully awake & used the facial cleanser to brush teeth & put it at the toothpaste position.

21. Xiumin folds clothes neatly, just like those in hypermarkets.

22. Chen always loses in games, Kris & Lay also often lose.

23. Lay is used to sleeping with Luhan, so he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he changes roommate

24.Lay and Luhan tried to dance (a kind of cheesy traditional chinese opera song-dance duet kind of item) in the practice room before

25. Chen is a gentle person.

26. Lay’s ringtone is "Falling in Love with the Future You" (the song Luhan covered)

27. Lay watches Japanese drama. He likes Japanese culture.

28. Luhan likes to steal Lay’s snacks.

29. If any socks in the dorm are damaged, it must have been worn by Lay or Tao.

30. Kris and Luhan are the laziest members in EXO-M

31. Luhan has mostly girlfriend.

32. Luhan argues with Lay sometimes but thier fight is very hilarious to watch.

33. Luhan does not hide the fact that he is a hardcore fanboy of his TVXQ!

34. Luhan is a germaphobe, he won’t even let anyone sit on his bed.

35. Luhan is allergic to seafood.

36. Luhan is afraid of heights.

37. Xiumin likes blueberry flavoured ice cream, Lulu likes mint.

38. Luhan doesn’t like people touching his head.

40. Chen doesn't like people touching his ears.

41. According to the other EXO-M members, Luhan is the member with the most to say.

42. Chen sleeps a lot and can go to sleep easily.

43. Tao can’t go out without his mask & MP3.

44. Kris doesn't like talking about his family.

45. Lay's first impression of Luhan was that he thought Luhan was manly because of his very short hair. Now he thinks Luhan is really pretty.

46. Xiumin believes in love at first sight.

47. Tao was rumored to have 8 girlfriends at the same time.

48. When Tao first met Xiumin in Korea, he greeted him with "Oppa, annyeonghaseyo".

49. Xiumin made the deepest impression on Luhan since he thought Xiumin looked really cute and were the same age.

50. Kris likes to call Chen "Chen Chen" because it is more cute. Calling him Chen feels stiff.

51. Before debut, Chen learned Chinese for 6 Months.

52. Chen is the only one who tells everyone else that Tao’s eyes are not dark circles but natural eyebags.

53. Lay and Kris put on eye masks when sleeping.

54. When Tao speaks in Korean, Xiumin is always the first to understand what he says.

55. The other members are already used to Tao saying "Duizhang is very handsome"

56. Luhan would play jokes on their manager.

57. Luhan and Tao were hit with a cushion by Lay because they got caught eating his snacks.

58. It would always take Kris a long time to bath, and Chen gets frustrated because of this.

59. Tao and Xiumin loves anime and K-drama.

60. Lay would immediately throw his rubbish away while Luhan throws them away in bulk.

61. Every time Lay sees Luhan, he would feel like playing whack-a-mole.

62. During the trainee period, Tao and Xiumin like to wrap their arms around each other’s shoulders and they have this habit till now.

63. Lay often makes fun of Kris because his moves are too stiff.

64 When EXO-M’s manager laughs, he looks like Luhan.

65. Lay is calm on stage, but in private the members call him a hyperactive kid.

66. Chen likes to watch cartoons.

67. Luhan asked Yunho for an autograph when he met him for the first time in the company

68. There was a time where Kris was forced to act cute on a show. After the show, some fans witnessed Luhan slapping his thighs laughing at Kris.

69. Luhan enjoys creating "chaos" together with Lay.

70. Kris and Luhan interact with each other really manly.

71. In private, Kris is also very inexpressive,strict and at the same time affectionate, responsible, but not very good at expressing himself with words. However, he’s only a 22 year old boy, so he also has his moments of being immature and childish.

72. When Luhan sleeps he has this habit of putting an arm under his pillow. He says it’s more comfortable that way.

73. Luhan is the type who will voice out if he is angry unlike Lay who would bottle it up inside and keep it till he explode.

74. Tao and Kris are actually very similar to each other. Also fans, do not give Tao any more bags, what he needs now is a hairband. [?]

75. Lay is always made fun the most in M, Luhan was the most popular guy in his high school back then.

76. Tao teaches the other members wushu in the dorms.

77. Kris does his beauty regimen before sleeping

78. Tao prefer having cats over other animals and reportedly he takes care of a black cat.

79.Tao's favorite color is blue, and his handphone case is blue and white color.

80. At the airport, just after EXO debuted, there were about only twenty fans waiting for EXO-M.The fans were following them around, and one fan accidently bumped into a toddler. And Lay glanced back in worry and told her to be careful.

81. Previously Luhan was a trainee at JYPE, but in 2008 he moved to the SME as a trainee exchange.

82. In a fast food restaurant near the SM building, a fan spotted someone who looked like Lay, but this guy was extremely fluent in Korean, so she had her doubts. She went over and hesitantly asked if he was EXO-M’s Lay. Lay looked up while munching on his burger, and the manager told her sorry but no when the fan asked for an autograph. After the manager and Lay were done eating, the fan quickly got out a CD to ask again for an autograph before they left the place. But Lay walked over to her table first, greeted her, and signed the CD. He smiled at her and he grabbed a taxi for her too afterwards.

83. Not too long ago, a Chinese sasaeng fan went up to Xiumin when he was with Luhan. She thought Luhan wasn’t listening, so she spoke humiliating words to Xiumin about the Xiuhan pairing(?). Xiumin, since his Chinese still isn’t that good, didn’t understand what she was saying, but Luhan heard and did. He got really angry, grabbed Xiumin by his wrist, and dragged him into their dorm.

84. When Kris sees Tao, he will have the urge to punch him because he’s asking for it.

85. Lay used one of Luhan’s chopper plushie as a pillow.

86. Luhan doesn’t wash his denim jeans, because he heard from Tao that denim jeans shouldn’t be washed.

87. Xiumin seems to be gaining weight recently.

88. Lay likes to lean in very close to the person’s face while talking.

89. Lay says that Tao is more playful than Kris. Kris is sexier than Tao.

91. Chen says that Tao’s pet peeve is stinginess.

92. Tao and Kris will diss each other

93. Chen is very humourous, he often makes Xiumin laugh loudly

94. Luhan and Lay knows a lot of internet terms and slangs.

95. Tao really likes to hug the members, his roommate Xiumin is already used to it

96. Tao’s ridiculous logic always infuriates Kris

97. Kris doesn’t like to play games, but his standard is higher than Tao. The IQ proves everything.

98. Luhan often helps Yixing put on medicine, warning him that a bad waist makes it difficult to have children in the future.

99. At the dorm, Luhan, Tao and Lay often talk to Ace, Kris will come up to them strictly and say “Do not teach my son bad things” and then take Ace away.

100. Xiumin said that sometimes Lay forgot to brush his teeth because of their packed schedules.

101. When Kris is in junior high, his diary was stolen by a girl who likes him.

102. Members revealed that during their trainee days, Luhan accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking & then he blamed it on Kris.

103. Luhan will not cry easily. When he's feeling down, he'll find somewhere to be alone, where no one can find him.

104. A fan said that Luhan's eyeslashes are thick and long.

105. Lay told us that when a member of EXO-M is feeling sad or tired, he will play them a song on his guitar to cheer them up.

106. One of EXO M member accidentally sat down and broke Luhan's rubik's cube and Luhan keep repeating "Luhan, you're a man."

107. Luhan once told Lay a ghost story but Luhan is the one who can't sleep at night.

108. Tao ring that fell into the river is worth 1,300,300 won

109. During the entire duration of Luhan's trainee days, he only went home once.

110. After hearing the story Tao called Xiumin 'Oppa', Kris wanna Tao to him 'Oppa' too.

Finish ~

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