50 Park Bom Facts

Okay now , i will share about Park Bom (2ne1) fact's . *my first bias in my life .

1. Bom's full name is Park Bom & American name is Jenny Park!

2. Bom was born on the 24th March 1984!

3. Bom has an older sister named Park Go Eun whose a famous cellist in Korea.

4. Park Bom Lee was never confirmed, If I'm correct a fan read the name wrong during 2NE1's debut. Thats how the 'Lee' came.

5. Bom is the youngest in her family but the oldest in 2NE1!

6. Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea.

7. Bom went to study abroad in America when she was in sixth grade.

8. After watching the animation 'Mermaid Princess' Bom told her parents she
really wanted to go to the US

9. Bom first went to LA and went to Middle School there.

10. For the 1st year of High School, Bom was in Maine and graduated.

11. After graduating Bom moved to Boston and attended College there.

12. The reason Bom moved from LA to Maine was because she really wanted to become a singer. She attended an audition there.

13. For that audition Bom sung one of Yangpa's song called 'Young Love' since they were popular during those days.

14. Bom has a few memories of her middle school years in Seoul and most were things where she got in trouble for.

15. Bom used to always dance in talent shows before debut & trainnee days.

16. She even won an award at Dongyo Convention at one of those talent shows.

17. When Bom was young, she always lived alone and felt lonely.

18. In her younger years Bom felt so lonely to the extent that she carried her own pictures and cried herself to sleep sometimes.

19. After moving back with parents Bom said she came back to her senses and knew for sure being with parents felt different.

20. Bom used to live alone so she always had to cook for herself and now she's pretty good at cooking

21. During trainnee days, the closest person to Bom and still are, were Big Bang's Taeyang & G-Dragon.

22. Bom auditioned for YG the 1st time but got rejected and kept trying every year till she got accepted

23. Dara calls Bom 'Bomtokki' sometimes

24. Of all the 2NE1 members, Bom has been the longest in YG Entertainment

25. Out of all the 2NE1 members, Taeyang loves Bom's vocals the most

26. Teddy said that Bom's voice is one of a kind, you can't find that kind of voice in the whole world

27. 2NE1's official debut was on May 17 on SBS Inkigayo!

28. 2NE1's original group name was supposed to be '21' but they changed it in the end to '2NE1

29. Bom personality was declared as '8-D' by YG Family keke

30. The type of man Bom likes is a person who puts all their might into their own work

31. The thing Bom wnats to do most in Japan is go to the hot springs.

32. The thing Bom is most confident in is her singing

33. Bom wants to switch places with the maknae [Minzy] because she wants to be pampered by other groups

34. If Bom wasnt working as part of 2NE1 right now, she'd be working as a doctor instead
35. The line Bom would say infront of the person she likes would be ''I like you''

36. Bom thinks Japanese Men have a good appearance.

37. The food Bom likes in Japan is Pudding
38. Bom likes the place ''Apgujeong'' in Korea. [Famous shopping district]

39. Bom likes the Japanese Actor 'Miura Haruma' [he playes in Kimi Ni Todoke live action movie

40. Bom now and the Bom from five years ago is still the same, she still murmurrs to herself.

41. When 2NE1 was shooting a CF with some army men, Bom gave the soldiers hotpacks cause of the cold weather.

42. When a fan saw 2NE1 and Boyoung Unnie, fans asked Bom for autographs right when the light turned green at the pedestrian crosswalk -c-

43. Even though Bom looks like she doesnt exercise regularly, Bom is actually very good at sports.

44. Bom took once a hanger and joked 'I am a Bom-Hanger' which too G-Dragon said 'This hanger is so heavy, I must throw it out!'

45.Bom once got homesick when she was a trainnee and skipped practice and hid in the boy's practice room for a while

46. G-Dragon saw Bom skipping& decided to tease her&told the teacher. After that whenever they see eachother they bicker & fight.

47. Once Bom's acquaintance saw Bom&asked howshe got sopretty to whichBom responded bymurmurring 'No I didnt,Ididnt get prettier

48. When Big Bang's leader had this duck kind of hairstyle, Bom would always hold it and shake it.

49. In the US, Bom was in a Youth Exercise Club and in High School she was a softball player and even one first

50. Bom is a good Ice Skater

Bonus: Even though Bom looks like she doesnt exercise regularly, Bom is actually very good at sports.

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