Got7 filming their new MV in Malaysia ?


sorry , im too excited ! hahaha .. it's hard to believe that my favourite group band filming their new MV here in Malaysia .. But i miss this chance to meet them , i didn't know that they came here .. I know this things because i saw the picture on Instagram ..

Many question in my head now .. why their filming in Malaysia ? are they love Malaysia ? How many IGOT7  (fans) were lucky to see them ? How did they look ? are they handsome ? are they friendly with the fans ?
But why Malaysia ? WHY ?? WHY ?? it make me curious . My mother said maybe it because " Visit Malaysia Year 2014 " .. woahh so proud of me to be malaysian people , and so proud to be IGot7 .. HAHAHA

" according to jimin unnie, jackson is the most excited person who wants to meet malaysian fans bc he love girls in hijab
at first, bambam was so shy to greet us with waving but after 15mins he waving at us and make sunflower and aegyo pose :)
jackson: malaysia is so hot and i dunno how malaysian can endure to this hotness
jimin unnie (got7 coordi noona) was so nice and friendly. she said got7 really want to meet us for a fansign but they’re to busy shooting mv
according to security guard, jackson is the most talkative he even ask them (security guard) if they're awake at hotel lol so cute :)
jackson trying to talk to us. He started with “Malaysia weather is so hot. U guys not hot wearing that things?” and pointed at the guy who had a mask on his face
jackson saw us from the cafe and he was like fanboying over us. he was waving like a fanboy.
mark taking his water and he saw us. all fangirls just smile bc we cant scream and he waves to us "(Cr:GOT7) 

After read this , it makes me so jealous! how a lucky fans to see them and I can't wait for their comeback !
and and and and and and and ... Please support their comeback ! hahahaha

I'll make sure that i meet all of you one day ! hahahaha

                                     i want to search got7 photo , but what i found is this ! hehehe .. 
the sign in their hand look like Wolf from Exo , and Pistol from BTS , no is not !!! that sign means 7 , for GOT7 (pistol) and the wolf sign is for dog , TOPPDOGG ! don't tell me that they follow the EXO and BTS! because they all are my favourite ! i don't want to start a war hahaha !!

    Ok ! thanks for reading , please come againn !!! 
hahaha Bye . Iloveyou :*

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